• Shane Molanus Master Instructor Welcome to The Dragon fist system. Shane Molanus the Master Instructor The Dragon Fist System has 30 years experience.
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  • The Dragon Fist System! Master teacher Shane Molanus
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  • A Holistic Approach Taking a more holistic approach to life helps with the training of an individual.
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  • Chinese Cupping - Ancient Healing System for Greater Well - Being!
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The Dragon Fist System was founded in 2002, After a years break from teaching  Shane Molanus was out at a social function and was approached by a number of previous students and asked when he would be recommencing teaching, this ignited a desire to teach again. An accociate offered a two car garage in Marlo rd. Cronulla hence the Dragon Fist  System was born!

The Academy offers a comprehensive  mixed Martial Art style - The Dragon Fist system!

 The Dragon fist system  is structured to teach the student awareness and self-defence techniques that are suited to street situations. Many techniques taught in martial art schools today look good and require a competent level of skill, however in a street situation this is totally impractical.

The Dragon Fist System utilizes only techniques that are simple and practical and provide a high level of self -defence for the practitioner  for sport and real life situations (against either one on one or multiple opponents). Many techniques taught in sporting M.M.A. would be totally impractical in a real life situation. eg. Staying on your back on the ground utilizing the guard position taught in jiu jitsu, although practical against a one on one situation. More often than not there are multiple people involved in street situations and staying on the ground leaves the practitioner vulnerable to attack from multiple directions. Where in sporting M.M.A. the use of take downs and controlling people on the ground is a hugely popular practice.

The founder and Master teacher Shane Molanus has over 30 years experience in Martial Arts, creating a practical effective martial art combining both sport and non - sport martial arts into a well rounded system catering for part time martial artist or the serious way of life martial artist. The Dragon Fist System  utilizes techniques from Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Grappling and Kung fu and is predominently a stand up style with striking being the main form of offence. Utilizing a solid base of K1 style kickboxing with elusive footwork, emphasizing  solid defence and avoiding being hit, The style transitions into Muay Thai combining powerful boxing in conjunction with explosive Muay Thai kicking, Knee's and Elbows. The ability to defend and break free from a wrestle or grappling attack on your feet is a nessesary component in modern martial arts. With the focus being to stay off the ground, retaining a solid base on your feet and if taken to the ground the ability to scramble to your feet as fast as possible. As being on the ground in a real life situation is a dangerous place to be particularly in the modern street environment, with most often multiple people involved. The Dragon Fist system also utilizes solid take down defence, Muay Thai clinching and pain compliance from a number of grappling arts. A major component from intermediate to advanced levels of the Dragon Fist System is introduction of Kung Fu techniques from various traditional Kung Fu styles taylored to fit the moderm martial art world. Open handed techniques such as palm striking, Kung Fu defence, joint breaking kicking techniques, pain compliance and loose circular techniques suited for street situations are intergrated into the kickingboxing base, providing the student with a broad spectrum of practical fighting and self - defence techniques. At very advanced levels the introduction of the concepts of energy and Chi is intergrated to into the students knowledge base, where-by the student learns how to build, circulate and cultivate Chi both for martial arts, also increasing general health.



Dragon Fist System provides a high level of fitness, conditioning. stress relief and an elevated level of health into an alround positive martial art lifestyle.

Private Training Program

This program is taylored to the student that prefers to train one on one with Master teacher Shane Molanus or in a small group either due to lifestyle factors such as inability to attend classes due perhaps working hours such as shift work or a desire to accelerate their learning at a faster rate.

This program is is sightly different to the class program, due to the fact that close one on one training or small group training allows the the student to learn faster and accumulate more technical content from The Dragon Fist System. This program offers all the Freestyle Kickboing training that is instructed in the class program, however huge a emphasis on Empty Fist kung Fu Training is incorperated into the private program from the start of the program, whereby kung Fu is intergrated into the class program midway through the system. The Empty Fist kung Fu aspects combine many practical fighting techniques from various Kung Fu systems designed for real world Self - Defence situations.

True Kung Fu is not for sport!

The Empty fist Training progresses from external training to internal training with the student learning how to build, cultivate and circulate chi energy, both martial arts, health and everyday wellbeing.

The private program can include up to 4 students per class!.





 Kung fu first originated in China, When an Aryan monk named BohdiDharma referred to as the Blue Eyed Demon  travelled from india to china to Shao Lin Monastrery observing the priests practicing their practices of meditation, breathing disciplines and the practices of cultivating the energy within all human beings know as chi, life force energy,Qi or prana in the yogi practices. However the one similarity was that all of the disciplines practiced were very passive following  their philosopy of the "Polishing Way  of inactivity and removal, the way which claims victory over bodily temptations by avioding other bodies, which claims victory over  contentious thoughts by erasing all thoughts. To much sitting had numbed their brains leaving the priests in poor physical condition. He then proceeded to teach the monks a form of choreographed calestenics and his Zen teachings which developed into the what was reffered to at the time as Gong fu.

There was a natural progression and growth of Kung Fu throughout China with the development of many styles of Kung Fu. There are many great masters throughout the history of Kung Fu in China, with many systems developed through the study of animals and their Tiger, crane, Mantus, Monkey, Leopard, Crane and Snake. Often a particular Kung Fu was taught and passed down through generations of families and only passed onto selected students outside of family circles. Particular parts of China had their own unique styles such as Southern or Northen Kung Fu and were often from certain mountains in china. Many masters were often recluses in the mountains with students having to travel to the mountains seeking instruction in their style of Kung fu. The Shaolin Temple was probably the most famous temple in the history of kung fu and has a long history of not only great masters teaching out of the temple, also being a focul point for civil tension and turmoil throughout many dynasties in china. Being burn't to the ground on three occasions with many great masters being hunted down and killed and there comes the story of the five Elders wherby 18 masters from the temple were hunted down by the goverment, with only five surviving destroying linages of kung fu.

Kung Fu is seperated into the hard and soft with the hard being focused on the physical aspects of strength, conditioning and external power. Whilst the soft is focused on the uses of soft flowing techniques such as Tai Chi to cultivate and circulate the chi. Where there is also the fast and explosive movements of internal kung Fu utilising the jing and chi energy  for combat and health developing powerful internal power, although many styles contain both within the one system.







What is Holistic Exercise Therapy?

Holistic Exersise Therapy is a comprehensive exercise program designed to restablize the Muscular and skeletal structure of the body in conjunction with releasing and balancing the energetic flow of the CHI or life force energy. The object of the sessions is create core strength, correct muscular length and strength throughout the boby. Also the ability to focus and quiet the mind and creating a greater mind - body connection.

Eastern Philosophies dating back thousands of years refers to the exsistence of CHi or life force energy!

The Yin and Yang theory is based the on the idea that the entire universe is one big energy field that we as human beings are a part of that energy field and every animate or inanimate object is part of that field and vibrates at its own frequency.

How Does this relate our health as a human being?

In chinese Medicine theory the body has a network of channels reffered to as meridians similar to pipes, there is 12 major one's and 2 extra meridians. When the CHI is abundant, balanced and free flowing we experiance optimum health mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. On the other side of the coin when the energy is deficent,excessive,blocked or stagnant we experiance imbalance, which can manifest as an illness, pain, lethargy or a physical injury.

How is a session conducted!

The session is conducted in 3 stages.

1) 10 to 15 minutes of laying down relaxation focusing breathing tuning into the body mentally. The main focus being on breathing and circulating the energy throughout the body creating total relaxation throught the entire physical body and the mind.

2) 30 minutes - Utilizing Yoga postures and breathing in selected sequences to lenghten,strengthen and balance the physical body. Depending on the presenting symptons of the client a major emphasis is placed on strenghtening the core muscles, particularly with back pain. At certain points in the program if required a fit ball is utilized to educate the client on how to strenthen their core muscles outside of the sessions, alongside the accumulated knowledge of the yoga postures and breathing exercises. The postures and breathing exercises release toxins from the body,stimulate, stretch and invigorate the nerves. Therefore an overall stimulation to the nervous system is experianced.

3) The last 10 minutes is a laying down relaxation once again focusing on relaxing the mind and body and what is refered to in yogic terms ( filling the energy bucket)

4) At the end of the session the client experiences a greater level of well - being both mentally and physically. Each session is a building block to an elevated level of health and vitality.


Elevated level of Energy and Vitality!

Stress Management !

Relief from overall physical stiffness!

Chronic Back Pain!

Relief from Neurological problems( Eg. Disc problems)

Increase in overall energy!

Greater mind body connection!

Educated breathing practices!

Inreased level of Wellbeing!

Relaxation exercises!

Ability to deal with the day to day stresses of modern life!

Who the teacher?

Shane Molanus the founder and owner of Dragon Fist MMA and Holistic Therapy Centre, over 30 years experiance in martial arts and over 20 years experiance in Holistic Therapies. ( For a more com,prehensive information on Shane Checkout the rest of the Website.




The Dragon fist M.M.A. has progressively grown and evolved with four venue changes since the academy was founded in 2002.

A modern fully equipped 290sqm. martial art gym, with a spacious training floor including a fully equipped bag, conditioning, ring and weight circuit. The centre caters for all the training needs of a seasoned Martial Artist to a complete beginner. Situated at 8(g) 59-61 Waratah st. kirrawee.

“Come and train in a real martial art gym”

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