• A Holistic Approach A Holistic approach to health empowers a greater quality of life!

  • A Holistic Approach A Holistic approach to health empowers a greater quality of life!

  • A Holistic Approach A Holistic approach to health empowers a greater quality of life!

  • A Holistic Approach A Holistic approach to health empowers a greater quality of life!

Dragon Fist M.M.A. and Holistic Therapy Centre.

The Dragon Fist M.M.A. and Holistic Therapy Centre not only offers high level martial art training, the centre has a broad spectrum of therapy services providing in house service to the members also to the general public. Whether you are athlete requiring general maintenance or just looking for a greater level of health, success and wellbeing in your everyday life the centre has all the 

Holistic Body Balancing
Is a hands on healing system where by the practitioner utilizes techniques from a variety of healing systems into one integrated holistic treatment. The objective of a session is to release and balance the musculoskeletal system, directly adjusting the central nervous system. eg.Muscles,nerves and skeleton. Utilizing massage, mobility, structural alignment and pressure points, also addressing the correct functioning and smooth balanced circulation of the human energy system, referred to as CHI or life force energy in chinese philosophies.
Holistic body balancing combines ancient eastern and chinese medicine techniques with modern western body working modalities into a complete hands on system creating holistic balance within the client, working at multiple levels triggering the clients own inner healing mechanism.

Benefits and ailments.
Greater level of health and wellbeing – Heath management – stress relief – back and neck pain – detoxification – colds flu- viruses – lack of energy – general fatigue - ashma – respiratory conditions – digestive conditions – sports injuries – general health issues – chronic lethargy.

Mind and Spiritual Development.

Neuro Linguistic Programming.

N.L.P. is a modern behavioral mind technology.
Modern research not only recognizes the excistence of the MIND, to the idea of the mind dates back thousands of years. The mind is not a thing it is an activity within all human beings. It is the content the focus of our thinking and the strategies at a conscious and unconscious level, in alignment with our actions that motivates the happiness, success and peace of mind we achieve in our lives.

N.L.P. utilizes precise language patterns, metaphor and sensory creative visualizations to assist the client to make changes at unconscious level of their mind, reprogramming new strategies and motivations in any chosen area of their life.


How is a session conducted?
The session is conducted similar to counseling, life coaching or a mentoring session. In a sit down session the client is assisted in making the necessary adjustments to their mind to overcome the presenting problem or empower them to greater success in any chosen area of life.

Relationships –Anger management - fear phobias - low self-esteem-depression – trauma – grief – stress and health management – release self- limiting - decisions and disempowering beliefs.

Peak performance consultancy for;
Sport – business – personal goals – personal development – greater peace of mind- spiritual transformation – increased motivation – child development.


TimeLine is a modern mind technology. In our mind we have a faculty of which we record and organize time in relation to the events and experiences we encounter on our journey of life. Also depending on your belief system our TimeLine extends back into past lives and past genological lives.
All our experiences good, bad or indifferent are organized and ordered on a TimeLine. Each event significant or insignificant event is charged with an emotion either negative or positive, which therefore influences your beliefs, decisions and behavior. Also the ability to create our future through the use of our future TimeLine allowing the client to place a desired event out on the TimeLine drawing us towards the creation of the event.
Positive emotions and events are great for our lives however stored unresolved negative emotions related to significant events, are not only destructive to our health. They can also hold us back in our relationship with our self and other people. Our self- esteem and self-confidence can be effected therefore our success and happiness overall quality of life is influenced by these powerful negative emotions buried in our unconscious mind.
TimeLine is a fast, accurate tool to assist the client to create change at an unconscious level of their mind therefore influencing perception and behavioral change in life.

How is a session conducted?
A sit down session where-by TimeLine is used as extra tool in conjunction with N.L.P. to assist the client to make changes in their mind at an unconscious level.

Relationships –Anger management - fear phobias - low self-esteem-depression – trauma – grief – stress and health management – release self- limiting decisions and disempowering beliefs – create a fulfilling future.


Bowen Technique

Bowen Tecnique was founded by Tom Bowen in Geelong Victoria in 1953, after working with sports people Tom Bowen discovered that by performing a gentle rolling movement over the fascia of the muscles on certain area's of the body a profound healing response on the receiver was initiated. He was known to treat up to 13,000 patients per year with an 80% success rate with a variety of health issues.

There are many theories about what Bowen actually triggers in human beings. It appears to stimulate a releasing and free flowing response of the human energy system similar the the yin and yang meridian theory in eastern healiing systems. However there also is what appears to be an influence on resetting and re-activating the autonomic and sympathetic nervous system and an overall effect on the bodies entire nervous system.

The gentle movements over the fascia appear to stimulate nerve receptors or what is commonly referred to as command points. These receptors then send messages to the brain asking the brain to make the neccessary adjustments to the health of the receiver. Resetting and balancing functions of the body such as toxic release, Lymphatic drainage immune system, hormone function and musclo - skeletal allignment.

Shane Molanus has 15 years experience in clinical practice as a Bowen practitioner and is a truly passionate believer in the deep reaching benefits of Bowen Technique. He has treated thousands of clients with a broad spectrum of health issues with Bowen Technique assisting his clients to acheive a greater level of health and well - being in their life. Bowen Technique also works profoundly with N.L.P. combining both mind and body therapies into a solid Holistic approach to health.

What individualises Bowen Technique from other modalities is by stimulating the command points in certain sequences the body and energy system is triggered into a self - healing response which can last up to 10 days after the session. The ideal period between sessions is 7 days in a treatment plan, with often signifigant changes in a 3 session treatment plan.

A session can take anywhwre between 30 minutes to 1 hour allowing short breaks between moves to allow the move to take effect.


1) Increased Level of energy.

2) Back and Neck pain.

3) Stress Relief  

4) Immune system Disorders.

5) General Health Issues 

6) Chronic Disorders.

7) Fatigue and Lethargy.

8) Disease Management.

9) Assist in the side effects of traditional medicine.

10) Sports injuries.

11) General Well- Being.





A seasoned natural therapist and mind development teacher with over 20 years experience in private practice, Shane’s expertise covers a broad spectrum of clinical experience dealing with thousands of clients in either a one-on-one or group environment. Shane specializes in working with the mind and the correct balance and functioning of the human energy system. Shane’s major strength is the ability to assist the client to release blockages through the energy system and the mind empowering the client to a greater level of health, peace of mind, happiness, wellbeing and success in life.
Shane has extensive experience in the management of physiological disorders such as Back Pain, sports injuries to more serious auto immune illnesses, Mental illness, Accident Trauma, Addiction Counseling, Life success coaching, Accelerated Behavioral Change, Personal Development, health management and relationship counseling.

Shanes 30 years in mixed martial arts has provided a wealth of experience in human interaction and behavior, in conjunction with his extensive experience in natural therapies he provides a holistic approach to health, working at many levels with a client, believing in the need to move towards an overall balanced approach to life.

Shane’s true passion lies in his desire to help people attain a better life, through his martial art teaching and Mind and Spiritual Devolopmentcontinuing to endeavor to empower people to evolve within themselves therefore improving the quality of their life.

We know everything starts with the content of your mind.

At the Dragon fist M.M.A. and Holistic therapy Centre, shane’s major focus is N.L.P and Mind Development. Utilising his his extensive Knowledge fron a variety of Mind Development systems and spiritual philosophies. Being a Master Practitioner in N.L.P with 15 years experience in N.L.P and TimeLine allows him to assist clients to make changes at an unconscious level of their mind.

Training Extensively at the Australian College of Traditional Medicine, directly under the Director Quentin Strauli, one of the leading practitioners and trainers of Neuro – Linguistic – Programming in Australia.

Shane invites you as potential clients to take control of your life right now!

Call Now! 0409392137.

Coaching and Therapy Qualifications

  • Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic-Programming
    (Founding Member of the Australian Board of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Seichim Master Teacher
  • Practitioner of Oriental Therapies
  • Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Practitioner of Bowen Technique
  • Massage Therapist
  • TimeLine

Seminar Training Experience

  • Assistant Trainer, Neuro- Linguistic- Programming, Practitioner Certification at The Australian College of Traditional Medicine. (2001)
  • Assistant Supervisor, Charles O`Neil House. Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Rehabilitation Program (2001)
  • Founder of Neuro- Associate-Dissociate-Programming Development Program (2000)

Further Seminar Education

  • Born Rich Seminar Program (Bob Proctor)
  • Breakthrough to Success Seminar Program (Master N.L.P. Trainer Chris Howard)
  • Neways International University ( Tom Mower, Co - owner and co- founder)
  • Neways International Development program( John Maguire, National Training and development manager)

Other Qualifications

  • International accredited kickboxing instructor
  • International accredited Muay Thai instructor B.J.C.
  • Founder and proprietor The Dragon fist M.M.A. of Martial Arts
  • 30 years experience in Freestyle Martial Arts
  • Member of the International Martial Art Alliance
  • Certificate Two in Security Guarding
  • Certificate Two in Security Operations


  • Dr. Terry Notaros, Director Sydney Spinal Care, 02 9588 5504
  • Quentin Strauli, Director Australian College Traditional Medicine and Certified International Neuro-Linguistic-Programming-Trainer, 02 9552 6574.
  • Mike Culbert, Property developer, 0421055065.







  • Shane Molanus has been known to me for 11 years. I firstly was introduced to him as a therapist in mind work. He was so well received with my patients I also consulted him and had the most amazing results and to this day still consult with him for personal issues. I have had other practitioners work in my office over the last 20 years and have found Shane Molanus’s work to be quite unique and amazing. His N.L.P and mind development is simple and effective immediately.

    He is now a friend and we discuss many aspects to therapy using his work with my patients. The results from personal anxiety, depression and even life coaching for business and success is so valuable it is needed by all people regardless if their emotional status.

    I would highly recommend Shane Molanus to any clinic as an asset based on my experiences as a practitioner and personally.

    Yours sincerely,
    Terry Notaras
    Doctor of Chiropractic Doctor of Osteopathy Director SYDNEY SPINAL CARE

  • I first visited Shane Molanus at a time where life stresses were "wearing me down". Through the life coaching and N.L.P techniques practiced by Shane including S.T. Technique & the NADP Seminar Program, I was able to come to some significant realisations relating to the cause of my stress.

    Following these breakthroughs, Shane then worked with me to make some decisions about my life choices and necessary actions which have paved the way for further growth & development.

    Shane's coaching & guidance has helped me to improve my confidence & also changed my previous limiting beliefs relating to the achievement of my goals & life passions. I am now achieving at a level that I never thought possible & am much more fulfilled & content with myself & my life.

    Susan Saad

  • Michael Culbert,
    17 Terrace Ave,
    Sylvania, NSW, 2224
    Ph: 0421 055 065

    Dear Shane,

    It is with great pleasure that I provide you with this testimonial.

    Shane has assisted me to make extraordinary, positive changes in all aspects of my life. Shane’s knowledge of psychology and human behavior, and his ability to apply this knowledge in a therapeutic environment is outstanding. Shane’s knowledge and ability in these areas is only outdone by his passion, enthusiasm, and integrity. The combination of these incredible qualities is indeed a rare attribute in a person, and it has been a recipe for success!

    I have referred many friends and family to Shane for various reasons, ranging from relationship counseling to success coaching and have received only glowing reports back.
    I urge anyone to take advantage of Shane’s incredible skills. The positive difference he can assist you to make in your life will be nothing short of outstanding. I am living testament to this, and I am available on the above phone number if you wish to contact me.

    It is my belief that those with the ability to make a positive difference in this world also have the responsibility to do so! Keep up the great work Shane! I will be forever indebted to you for all that you have done for me!

    Michael Culbert

  • "I've studied and trained with many personal development coaches over the past 15 years. Shane's practical and spiritual approach to identifying and attaining what I've wanted has been extremely helpful.

    I would recommend Shane and his approach to anyone wanting to get ahead".

    Peter Saad
    Business Director

  • Shane has worked with me in a number of capacities since 1998. It was then that I had a near fatal car accident resulting in injuries to my skull, jaw, collarbone, ribs and nervous system. As well as visiting me in hospital he provided me with Bowen therapy, which helped me overcome the pain and discomfort my body was experiencing, much quicker than was expected. Shane then advised of the required nutritional support for me to heal the damage to my nervous system. From this I noticed significant improvements almost immediately.

    Shane’s physical healing abilities also enabled me to play in my rugby league grand final of 2001. I had suffered a severe sprain to my ankle ligaments 2 weeks prior and could barely walk for the next week. Shane provided various methods of healing and rehabilitation which progressed the injury to a point where I could jog and train and eventually play in the grand final …… in which I ended up scoring 2 tries in a winning side.

    Over the past 11 years Shane has counselled me through many challenging stages. From sadness and fears to anxiety and frustration. Through his masterful use of NLP he has shown me how I can have so much control, confidence, happiness and calm in my life. Something that has continually catapulted me to personal success and created such peace of mind.

    For about the past 3 years I have been working in a job I disliked and had no passion for. Add to that, 3 hours travel each day and I was living a less than happy life.
    I am now a highly accredited Life Success Coach, having studied NLP and Neuro Semantics. The life transformation I have experienced started with Shane’s guidance when I expressed interest in the coaching field. Shane suggested I study NLP to enhance my skills and he continually fine-tuned my mind with his powerful and insightful coaching and spiritual education, which gave me tremendous awareness and understanding of my self and the universe we live in.

    I have assisted Shane in his NADP personal and spiritual development programs, which he developed himself. From this I gained vital presentation skills, knowledge of natural laws and witnessed the transformation that all of the participants experienced in themselves.

    Shane has evolved his knowledge and methods and created his own unique approach to personal development. It is more recently with this, that he has assisted me in the role of a personal coach. Drawing on his vast experience and creative methods, Shane has facilitated significant breakthroughs for me in how I think and act.

    Over the years I have been to many wealth creation and personal development seminars, been coached by various coaches, sought counsel and education from many highly regarded professionals, and I can easily say that Shane has provided me with more physical, emotional, spiritual and mental breakthroughs than anyone, anywhere in the world. He provides what seems to be missing in all the others, a deeper human and spiritual element which is such an important part to finding our true happiness in life and succeeding.

    I believe Shane has a gift that very few people have in this field and I also believe he was born to do what he does …… transform lives!

    I strongly recommend Shane’s skills and services to any individual or organisation and am happy to confirm this by phone or in person.

    Sincerely, Brett Taylor (ACMC) Ph: 02 9524 1426

  • I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999, at the time I thought my life had come to an end. Ah but how wrong was I.

    A friend told me of this guy that may be able to help me, and yes he has. Shane has showed me a whole new way of thinking and dealing with my emotions, and how to combat my debilitating disease with mind work and focusing on my health.

    I was pretty set in my own way of thinking that I knew how to deal with these emotions but when someone shows you how and why you feel like this the outcome is the complete opposite to what you were feeling in the first place.

    My life has changed dramatically to the extent that in 2003 I had a beautiful baby boy who keeps me on my toes, which is good as it keeps me moving.

    Now all there is ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ no more feeling sorry for myself because I live in the moment.

    Totally satisfied,
    Allison French

  • In January 2001 I suffered a serious stroke at the age of 29. The stroke and a series of repeat episodes left me totally paralyzed down the right side of my face and body. I was faced with the prospect of having to learn to eat, talk and walk again.

    During my recovery process I started regular visits with Shane Molanus and underwent a series of his N.L.P and energy balancing sessions over a 12 month period. From the start I found that after each session I had renewed physical energy and also a more positive mental outlook on my situation. Over time the sessions had a permanent positive effect on my physical condition, my ability to think quickly, and my short to medium term memory had improved dramatically.

    Each session left me feeling rejuvenated and feeling good about myself and my recovery. Within the 12 month period the paralysis was gone and my mental functions had returned to normal. 10 years later and I am well and truly recovered, have an 5 year old baby girl and owe a lot of my well- being to Shane and his the exceptional abilities.

    Iman Head

  • James Culbert
    12 Pandala Place,
    Woolooware, NSW, 2230

    Dear Shane,

    I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to write this testimonial for you, after the amazing difference you made in my life!

    After dealing with a very traumatic issue most of my life, which had severe adverse effects on all aspects of my life, I was referred to Shane by my brother.

    After just one session, as skeptical as I was, after such a long period of time being treated by some very well respected medical practitioners and specialists, Shane was able to completely cure me of this condition, by approaching it from a psychological perspective rather than a physiological perspective, which is now very apparent where the problem lay.

    I have never known such freedom. I only wish someone had told me about Shane years earlier. Of course, I would recommend anyone, given the opportunity, take full advantage of Shane’s extraordinary skills. To me, he is literally a “Life Saver

  • Sincerly, James Culbert.


  • I sustained a L4/L5 bulging disc injury in 1994/94 while weight training at a local gym. As a result i consulted a number of practitioners including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Accupunturists, Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists and Flexibility Development Trainers. No matter what i tried, my injury showed very little improvement over the next 5 to 6 years. I was always very stiff and in a lot of pain.

  • After connecting with Shane at a mutual friends wedding. I booked a consultation with Shane Molanus, he then advised and suggested a deeper form of treatement being Bowen Technique. He treated me for 4 weeks straight once per week and suggested I cease all forms of exercise during the treatment plan. Shane then suggested  I follow up by attending his Yoga classes. After 2 -3 weeks o f yoga I was able to return to the gym and slowly buid up my strength again. Shane has continued to treat me with Bowen ever since that time on a regular basis. The great thing about shane as a therapist is that he is very in tune with me as a client and is able to determine exactly what I need. He has also treated me with Accupuncture, Chinese Cupping and massage and often combining all 3 therapies in a session. I have experienced great results from Shane's treatment over the years and have always walked away feeling much better with an overall relaxed sense of wellbeing.

  • I now live in Perth, but every time I rerturn to Sydney i make sure I capitalise on my time there and consult for a Bowen session at least once. I highly reccomend Shane as a Bowen practitioner and all - round Therapist

  • Brad Blake. ( Private investigator)







   Bowan Technique                   1 hour Consultation - $80.00.

   Reiki energy Healing              1 hour Consultation - $100.00.

   Holistic Body Balancing         1 hour Consultation - $70.00.

   Pre - paid - 4 consultations   1 hour                            $240.00.

   N.L.P./ TimeLine                      1 hour Consultation - $100.00.

   Pre - Paid  N.L.P. 4 consultations - 1 hour Consultation - $320.00.


   Bus. 85397316. M. 0409392137.   .





Our all powerful “mind”

The one factor that all human beings have in common is we all possess a Mind.
You may ask what exactly is the mind?

When you mention the mind many people give you a look of confusion not really understanding what the mind is. The mind is not a thing that can be seen by us it is a faculty, an activity that we all possess as human beings.

From the time of conception your mind is switched on recording your life similar to a video camera, every experience that we encounter from the external world is recorded and has an emotional association or anchor being either negative or positive. These experiences recorded through our sensory perceptions, sight-sound-feeling- smell and taste. All experiences pass through our conscious mind into our subconscious mind to be stored as memories eg. The first time we took our first step as a child with the family cheering us on. The emotional association to this may be excitement, joy, happiness, euphoria. The other end of the spectrum the first time we were ever disciplined from our parents we may associate pain, fear, anger, hurt, guilt or sadness to this experience. Our entire life we accumulate a mixture of a negative and positive associations to our life experiences. As a child we are influenced (programmed) by our parents, schooling, the people we associate with and our role models. Every attitude, belief, limiting belief, value and behavior is learned through our role models. These experiences and their associations are stored as memories in our subconscious mind creating our model or self- concept of the world therefore shaping our behavior, perceptions and motivations that are inherent in our individual personalities. Every human being is completely individual.
The events that take place, the people we attract, our level of happiness, peace of mind and commitment to creating the life we would like to live is controlled by the content of our unconscious or subconscious mind.

We all have 5 primary senses – sight-sound- feeling-taste-smell and our self- talk faculty. Every human being has all these senses, however we tend have a favored sense eg.. Some people are more visual, some are more feeling and others are more influenced by sound. Whatever the favored sense dictates how the world is represented to you and how you communicate in your interactions in life. All information from the external world passes through one or more of these senses through the conscious mind to be processed as a memory in the sub-conscious. Have you been driving in the car listening to the radio when a particular song comes on the radio? Immediately you find yourself with a previous memory on the screen of your mind with either a negative or positive emotional feeling. This is an example of a sensory anchor associated to a memory being fired off.

Modern scientific research and traditional spiritual study now recognizes that the root cause to many disease, emotional instability, behavioral problems, under achievement and the ability to deal with the day to day stresses of the modern the world, is governed by the content of the sub- conscious and the emotional impact of these memories. A significant traumatic experience in life or a dysfunctional relationship particularly with your parents, the emotional impact can be far reaching and may be holding you back in your life right now. You may be quite unaware of the limiting decisions and limiting beliefs and stored negative emotions you may have deep in the unconscious and the impact of these memories may be having on you in your present life now. Many personal development disciplines give you the necessary tools to work at conscious level to improve your life but fail to address the deeper level of your sub-conscious and spiritual self. The lasting effect of your conscious effort to improve areas of your life may be only temporary. We know that all learning, all behavior and all lasting transformation, is unconscious. Therefore lasting transformation in our lives is created by precision adjustment to the patterns of the unconscious mind. Not dissimilar to adding or corrected the software on a computer. We all have pretty much the same hardware when we come into the world. It is the software we have downloaded over our life that individualizes us. We all have the ability to change the software in our mind therefore our inner and outer results in life. Often we need a therapist, mentor or coach to assist us to make changes to our software as it is hard to do it on our own. The role of an N.L.P master practitioner is assist the client to locate the negative software, utilizing tools to release it and to download more positive strategies into the clients unconscious or hard drive.

Shane utilizes tools N.L.P, TimeLine and modern mind technologies to assist the client to make unconscious changes.