Shanes interest in the combat arts started as a young boy, his first real exposure to any sort of physical contact in a fighting sense was the days of hulk Hogan and early wrestling days.

Growing up in Engadine in the south of Sydney was a great place to grow up however there was a certain culture in the area towards who were the tough kids in town.

Shane tried to avoid this as a young boy but was a victim of bullying in his street this led him to have the realization that learning to defend himself was necessary in the world he lived in. His father john was the first person to teach him to hold his hands up and throw a punch as a boxer would, little did he know this was the start of a life long journey in martial arts.

Boxing and karate were the main well known disciplines of that era. The local police boys club was shanes first real introduction to any type of formatted training, where he trained in boxing.

After a period of time boxing, attaining a certain level proficiency shane exacted a certain level of retribution to some of bully’s and was never bullied again. However the original motivation to train had changed now, unearthing a deep passion for training.

At the 15 years of age shane enrolled in the local karate school where he trained for a couple of years, around this period Bruce Lee was becoming a huge figure in the martial art world and his jeet kune do concepts were the first real M.M.A. teachings. This inspired shane to seek a jeet kune do school at cronulla, where he undertook true hard backyard training, it was common for a saturday afternoon fight session to take place in the backyard dust bowl. The use of mouth guards, shin pads and adequate size gloves was non- existent, as close as it got to no holds barred controlled fighting.

Being a young person looking for change and new adventures in life shane moved to Melbourne, this period was a significant era of training for him. Enrolling in the Bob jones corporation or the B.J.C as it was known. At the time was the biggest Karate and Muay Thai corporation with over 1000 schools Australia wide. Over the next 5 years shane pursued intense Muay thai training at the kenson school of self defence also training alongside and in Zen do kai karate classes. He climbed the ranks of school achieving the rank of sensai third degree black belt and becoming the senior Muay thai instructor at the kenson school of self- defence. His specialty was teaching students how to fight, this period was considered the glory days of kickboxing in victoria with the biggest crowd attendances and multiple world champions. The most famous being Stan “the man” Longanidies a multiple world champion, the first martial art superstar in Australia. Exposure to this era directly created the foundation of kickboxing and Muay Thai in shane as a martial artist.

Shane had his first kickboxing fight in this period at the world congress centre in front 3000 people fighting the state champion in his first fight to a draw.

The understanding of Bruce lee’s view of furthering his knowledge shane also ventured into training the Hung Fut 5 animals style of kung fu, the first exposure to ancient kung fu martial arts, also conducting his own freestyle kickboxing classes at the Iron Fist Kung fu school.

At the end of 1996 shane made a decision to move back to Sydney to be closer to family and friends. After doing selected security jobs in Melbourne made a move into the security industry fulltime working crowd control, security guarding and personal protection. Striking being his primary martial art background at this stage of his evolution, the security industry required a whole different approach to conflict resolution. The realization of this motivated shane to pursue Japanese Ju Jitsu and grappling. Pain compliance, joint locking, the ability to off balance, control and the option to throw your opponent were the focus of shane’s training.

The opportunity to test and discard what does and does not work in the real world was presented to shane by his experiences in the security industry.

One phone call from an add in blitz magazine introduced shane to sifu Mick Spinks of Double Dragon martial arts, Where he commenced training under Mick in Brazilian ju jitsu, kickboxing and Freestyle. The desire to instruct arose again with shane founding his first Sydney school Iron Fist Freestyle instructing out of a squash court at cronulla sporting complex. With the Re- location of Double Dragon gym shane was offered the opportunity to take on the senior freestyle instructors role and in the process creating a brand new martial art with Sifu Mick Spinks, combining aspects of Iron Fist and Double Dragon. Dragon fist Freestyle was born, for the next 4 years shane instructed under sifu mick spinks accumulating a huge amount of knowledge on workings of a commercial gym, considering this period to be the most valuable period in maturing as a professional instructor. Shane also competed in a number of kickboxing fights during his time at double dragon winning the fight of the year award in 1998 and fighting a war for the Australian supermiddle weight title losing on points in 1999.

The sudden illness and eventual passing of shanes father john was a huge loss and caused shane to take a year off teaching. A chance meeting with a number of previous students and request to teach them again reignited the passion for martial arts again.

An associate offered shane a two car garage in marlo rd cronulla and the Dragon Fist Academy of Mixed Martial Arts was born. Shane focused for the next few years on developing his own unique Freestyle Martial Art with two more venue changes sharing a building with another teacher, all the time building and progressing his knowledge and developing his style establishing a solid base of loyal students, meanwhile developing a number of instructors. During the development stage shanes personal training took a backseat. It was time to train again shanes understanding of energy and the workings of Chi energy through his natural therapies career practiced now for 20 years, ignited a curiosity in use of Chi energy in martial arts. Bruce lee was most famous for the one inch punch, seeking further Knowledge in this mystical theory of the use of Chi Energy in martial arts Shane sort out a number of different Masters in chinese internal Kung Fu,Chi Gong and Tai Chi Chu'an learning the principles and practices of multiple internal systems, training intensely these disciplines gaining a solid understanding of the use of Ging internal essense energy and Chi energies both in health and combat.

M.M.A. being a hugely popular and growing sport worldwide and shane being a huge fan of the U.F.C. it was a natural progression into M.M.A. In 2010 shane undertook intense professional M.M.A. training making his debut in fate cage fighting championships in Queensland winning in 1:32 of the first round by standing rear naked choke at the age of 40 years old.

Shane is a true Martial Artist devoting his life to training and teaching and the journey of martial arts. He continues to evolve, further his knowledge and improve his own level of skill. Enabling him to pass on a wealth of knowledge and provide an outstanding level of service to his students.

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A seasoned mixed martial and artist professional instructor. Shane has trained and taught martial arts for a period of 28 years. Over this period of time has sort out some of most experienced and elite instructors not only in Australia, but also international teachers in a variety of martial arts.

Major strength lies in the ability to instruct students in solid technical skills and a high level of fitness. His 18 years as a seasoned holistic natural therapist and personal development teacher has allowed him to utilize martial arts as a vehicle to empower students to develop themselves in their personal lives.

Shane has extensive experience in one on one and group training, devoting extensive periods of time instructing under the supervision of a variety of experienced instructors at their venues. Shane has devoted the last 30 years of an on going journey, to training, learning and evolving as martial artist. In his journey Shane delved on both sides of the martial art journey, training in some of the non- sport arts of Chinese Kung fu, Japanese ju jitsu, intergrating these techniques with the more modern sport fighting arts such as boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Brazilian ju jitsu. This complete tool kit of fighting techniques allows the practitioner a solid all round mixed martial art game. Shane has had 6 six individual schools over the last 18 years of his own. Each time evolving and improving himself as a martial artist, also allowing improvement to the level of service provided to the student.

Shane has an outstanding ability communicate to his students, creating a great training environment providing high level martial arts instruction.

Shane is the founder and master of the Dragon Fist systems

Martial Arts trained and instructing experience.

  • Zen do Kai.
  • Hung Fut Kung Fu.
  • Ittaishin Ryu Ju jitsu.
  • European Boxing.
  • Kickboxing.
  • Freestyle.
  • Jin Wu Koon Kung Fu.
  • Machardo Brazilian Ju Jitsu
  • Pak mie Internal Kung fu.
  • Greco Roman Wrestling.
  • Bulldog Muay Thai.
  • Roots Brazilian ju jitsu.
  • Wu jing dow kung fu
  • Jeet kune do  - Tai Chi Chu'an

Seminar Experience

  • Dan Innasonto. ( Head Jeet kune do. Bruce Lee’s Martial Art.)
  • Jan de jong. (Ju Jistsu Grandmaster).
  • Richard Norton. (Zen do kai Karate.) Co- Founder.
  • John Will (Head Machardo Black belt, Australia.)
  • Randy Couture (5 x U.F.C. champion.)

Instructor Certifications

  • International Accedited Muay Thai Instructor. B.J.C.
  • International Kickboxing Instructor W.K.A.
  • Level 1 Kung fu Coach. (State sports commission 2000- 31/01/04).
  • Partial learning Certificate 2 in sports coaching.
  • Coaching principles. ( Aust. Sports commission.)
  • Accredited International Martial Art Alliance Instructor.
  • Certificate Two Security Guarding.
  • Certificate Two Security Operations.
  • Regional director martial arts Australia.

Instructing Experience

  • Senior Mauy Thai Intructor. (Kenson School of Self defence 1993-1995).
  • Senior Kickboxing Instructor. (Iron Fist Kung Fu 1995-1996).

 Founder - Iron Fist Freestyle (1996-1999).

  • Co –Founder senior instructor Dragon Fist Freestyle. (Double Dragon Martial Arts 1999-2002).
  • Founder the Dragon fist Academy of Martial Arts.
  • Founder - Dragon Fist Freestyle Kung Fu

Fight Record

  • Kickboxing 10 fights 8wins 2 losses.
  • M.M.A. 2 fights 1 win 1 loss. (Winner fight of year award 1998.)
  • Runner up Austalian supermiddle title 1999.